We have all the hygiene and control measures to provide a safe holiday

We would have never imagined the impact that the global health crisis caused by the rapid spread of COVID-19 coronavirus could have, to be honest.

These are unprecedented times and that is why the safety and health of each of our guests becomes vital, now more than ever. Although it seems that the sanitary crisis is improving little by little, Oliva Nova daily monitors the situation derived from COVID-19. In addition, we have made additional improvements and established new cleaning protocols during the lockdown period to continue offering an excellent service as soon as you can visit us again.

Our way of life and our habits have dramatically changed in a few months. However, it is very inspiring to see how we have been adapting and motivating ourselves to prepare our way forward to normality. We have heard so much about that “new normality” lately and it has brought hundreds of protocols and new guidelines with it. Oliva Nova is resilient, and our human workforce is ready to face difficulties and successfully emerge from difficult situations.

We have always become better and, without a doubt, it will be no different this time.

Reliable and flexible bookings

During these difficult period of uncertainty, we have offered and continue offering flexibility and support to all those whose bookings have been affected since the State of Alarm decree: change of dates, free cancellation up to 15 days before arrival, refund of deposit …

Best price guarantee booking via our website www.olivanova.com

Free cancellation up to 72 hours prior to the arrival date

No deposit

If you need to readjust your bookings, please do not hesitate to call our reservation team (+34) 96 285 79 44 or send an e-mail to reservas@olivanova.com. We will be happy to help you with everything you need and resolve any questions that may arise.

Safe holidays in the Hotel

Safe holidays in Las Dunas

Safe holidays in our Villas and Apartments


• Limited capacity. Have a look to know how many people are on the beach.

• Shower before going to the beach.

• Pay attention to any notice boards.

• Plan your trip in advance by making sure you have read all the relevant information and your are avoiding the busiest times.

• The beach is 120 metres wide, please stay 2 metres away from others, and a bit longer if it’s breezy.

• When walking along the beach, always keep to your right.

• Clean up after your stay, taking all rubbish with you.

• Maximise your individual hygiene: anything you take to the beach should be clean, wear flip flops or appropriate footwear, everyone should have his/her own towel, keep washing your hands , avoid touching tour nose or mouth, don’t swallow water…

• Don’t stray too far from the shore or swim in forbidden areas. Respect and follow any instructions given by the rescue and lifeguarding services.

• Don’t take sand or pebbles from the beach.

• Avoid touching other people’s belongings or anything which is for communal use.

• Make sure you follow the rules and safety regulations when going to the beach.

• If you feel any of the symptoms, stay at home and contact the health system by calling 900 300 555.

Food & Beverage

Play golf safely

Guaranteed relax

You’ll only have to worry about enjoying.

The well-being of our guests was already our main priority and it is even more so now. Since the State of Alarm was decreed on March 14th, we have been adopting new health and hygiene measures and strictly following the guidelines of the government and the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

We are ready to welcome you and we hope to see you again very soon. Without a doubt, this new crisis has made us grow as a team.

Updated 16/05/2021

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