The fun revolution

This is a new family leisure option with original and innovative activities scheduled which stimulate children’s interest in discovering new stimuli and aptitudes.

We want to foster creative behaviour by means of enriching activities to make them learn by playing, workshops, music, sport, reading…

Baby Club

1 to 3 years old

Free for guests staying at the Hotel.

Summer. Check schedule.

Kids Club

4 to 12 years old

Free for guests staying at the Hotel and Las Dunas.

Easter, summer and long weekends. Check programme.

Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Hotel reserves the right to modify, arrange or cancel the activities scheduled for children, depending on occupancy.

Cabaña de Oli

7 to 15 years old

Free for guests staying at the Hotel, Las Dunas or villas and apartments.

Check prices for the sports campus.

Summer. Check programme.



Las Dunas

Villas y Apartamentos

Villas y Apartamentos

Building a new world

Building a new world

We’ll get to know activities which help preserve the environment and we’ll put them into effect! Children will participate in eco-workshops, they will become super-recyclers, they will build toys with recycled material for a more sustainable world.

Teaching how to take care of the environment in a fun way, motivate them and stimulate their creativity to make the world a bit better.

Sailors Academy

Sailors Academy

Full steam ahead, we’ll get to know all the mysteries of our seas and oceans and all that exists on the seabed. We’ll make activities such a sea word search puzzle, sailor’s knots, we’ll learn how to use a compass or how to build sand sculptures on the beach.

Stars Day

Stars Day

A very special star-filled day. We’ll foster the talent of the youngsters with creative activities such as the superpower workshop, games and contest such as “Oliva Nova Got Talent” and “The Incredibles”.

Each child is a different world, but they are all extraordinary.

Magic & Maths

Magic & Maths

Children become magicians and they will get to know the mysteries of the numbers. They will learn about magic tricks and secret potions which have Maths as the secret ingredient.

Mental agility will be fostered, magic wands will be made… and tricks will be staged as night falls.

Oli Holy Party

Oli Holy Party

Celebrate a big party with Oli once a week! Children will rehearse choreographies “OLI BODY BOOGIE” and they will also prepare accessories that they will wear in the big “OLI FUN PARADE”. The parade marks the beginning of a party with music, a photocall with Oli, inflatable play equipment, etc.

Fun is guaranteed and the values of friendship and team spirit are fostered.

Move & Fun

Move & Fun

A full day of activities about healthy habits such as sport, dance and healthy food. An aquatic gymkhana at the pool, mini-Olympics at the beach, workshops to build flags and Olympic torches for our Olympic parade.

Sport is considered to be an instrument for mutual understanding and it also fosters the value of comradeship.

Travelling around the world

Travelling around the world

Tolerance will be instilled by getting to know different cultures and traditions.

We’ll learn other languages, we’ll play games from foreign countries, the Australian seas, dances from China, the rain-forest in Madagascar, Japanese greetings…

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