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"The Oliva Nova Golf Academy has spent more than fifteen years improving its technique and the concepts of the players that come to visit. The most welcomed and requested formulas during last year were the special courses (clinics) which in just one day go deeply into the specific aspects of the game. This formula improves the player’s knowledge and technique, and has an immediate impact in his results and in the enjoyment of playing golf."

  • Putting

    - Most up to date techniques that are used by players in the European Tour.
    - Unavoidable basic techniques in order to triumph with the putt.
    - How to understand the slopes and to read the green.
    - Ideal exercises to consolidate a good technique and sensations.
    - Ideal teaching tools to continue the improvement
    - Opinions and advice about choosing the putt.

  • Short game

    - Short stroke technique (chip).
    - Approximate high stroke technique (pitch).
    - Approximate very high troke technique (lob).
    - Exercises to improve the technique and sensations.
    - Ideal teaching tools to continue improvement.
    - Strategy to choose the best aproximate stroke and the ideal club for each case.

  • Bunker

    - Explosion stroke technique.
    - Control of the distance for the strokes from the sand.
    - Learn to execute a difficult stroke from the bunkers in the street.
    - How to play a plugged ball.
    - Exercises to improve the technique for all the situations.
    - Opinions and advise on how to choose the clubs that will help you in the short game .


  • Private classes

    1/2 h/Std(max. 2 pers) 28 €
    1h /1 person 45 €
    1h /2 people 55 €
    1h /3 people 65 €
    1h /4 people 80€

    Includes: Balls.

  • Classes on the golf course

    1h /1 person 43 €
    1h /2 people 55 €
    1h /3 people 65 €
    1h /4 people 80€

    Includes: Rules and courtesy regulations,strategy, selection of strokes and club, analisis and revision.

  • Intensive training for beginners

    12 hours of classes (2/3 hours per day).

    1 person 450 €
    2 people 600 €
    3 people 750 €
    4 people 1000 €

    Includes: clubs, practice balls, salida al campo, pitch and putt, analisis with video and certificate from the academy.

  • Intensive training for the more advanced

    12 hours of classes (2/3 hours per day).

    1 person 600 €
    2 people 800 €
    3 people 1000 €
    4 people 1500 €

    Includes: clubs, practice balls, access to the golf course, pitch and putt, analysis with video and certificate from the academy..

  • Golf initiation

    Group class for a minimum of 20 students where they make their first contact with Golf.Basic duration of 120 minutes. Any day of the week, schedule to be arranged. Price depending on the number of players. Indicative : 10 players.
    Includes: clubs, practice balls.More information

  • Introduction course to Golf (Group class, minimum 4 students)

    5 hour / 1 person 49 € jugador
    Monday to Friday negotiable

    Includes: clubs, practice balls.

The classes that are not cancelled 24 hours in advance must be paid for. Bad weather is not automatically the reason to suspend the classes, because the OLiva Nova Golf academy has covered practice areas available. THe teacher will decide if the conditions make it impossible to give the class.The price of the classes include the loan of clubs and practice balls.

Information and reservation:

Telephone: + 34 96 285 76 66