Best price guarantee

Our price policy guarantees the minimum price online

  Best price guarantee booking via our website olivanova.com If you find a lower rate for an equivalent offer on another website, with the same conditions of sale, fill in the following form. After verifying the information submitted, we will apply the lowest rate to your reservation.

  Our best price guarantee applies for an equivalent offer on another website that may be booked in real-time.

  The price should be in the same conditions of sale (same currency, same hotel, same dates of stay, the same number of people, same room type and board, same cancellation policy)

How to ask for a refund if I find a lower rate?

1. Fill in the form below and submit it with the details of the lowest rate you have found. This rate must be an equivalent offer with the same conditions of sale than the ones selected in olivanova.com.

2. Take a screenshot displaying the date and the hour.

3. Our booking department will reply in a term of 48 hours after checking the information submitted. If so, your refund request will be processed; if not, you’ll receive an e-mail explaining the reason why your request has not been accepted.

4. It is therefore essential that the price difference could be checked in real-time so that our quality department may complete the necessary verifications before.