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Now you can travel and stay in our facilities with your pet.


Let us know how many pets will be staying with you when booking. Thus, we will assign the most suitable room.

Access to common areas

Access to common areas is restricted for pets, except when going in and out of our facilities, while they must always be on a short leash. In addition, dogs that are required to wear a muzzle by law must always wear it.

rules and regulations

Please make sure that your pet does not relieve itself in our facilities or common areas. If it happens, you should always pick it up. The owner is responsible for the pet and its behaviour at all times and must respond with no limitation to any damaged or nuisance that may be caused to people and objects. If its behaviour is inappropriate or may affect other guests, we will notify the owner, and the right to refuse admission will be reserved. Any damage caused will be charged at the end of the stay. In any case, a deposit may be requested when checking in.

cleaning service

Pets mustn’t be in the room while cleaning. It must leave the room during the daily cleaning. If you leave the room earlier, please remove the “Do not disturb” sign from the door so that our staff knows that it is allowed to clean the room.


Pets must have all the documents required by law, including vaccination cards, etc. In addition, it is very much appreciated that the owner keeps the proper hygienic and sanitary conditions of the pet.

stay in the room

Pets are allowed to stay alone, if they do not cause noise or inconvenience to other guests or damage the furniture. If you are staying in the Hotel, please hang the “Do not disturb” sign on the door when your pet is unattended, so that our staff does not get into the room. Pets already have a bed in the room. It is important that they do not sleep on beds, sofas, etc. or use towels to dry them. Please, request anything you need for your pet at the front desk.

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