Teams from all around Europe go for Oliva Nova

Teams from all around Europe go for Oliva Nova

Oliva Nova is attractive for sport teams, mainly form Europe and also from Asia and China, who come to the resort to prepare their season during the winter break in their leagues. During the months of February and March, a total of 20 elite football and rugby teams are training in our pitches under the warm Mediterranean sun, with a good service and in excellent sport facilities.

It is, without a doubt, a good decision to face their season and the most important matches with success. As an example, the Norway national football team is one of the teams who are coming to Oliva Nova. They are coming for a week in March, before their match against the Spanish national team, a Euro 2020 qualifier match played in Valencia.

Many of these teams seek for good weather and top facilities. Such a good experience makes them repeat year after year. Our four professional pitches and stands with a seating capacity up to 800 people are perfect to hold friendly matches; the sports center equipped with machines of the latest generation; the accommodation options and the unique natural setting are the main strengths that teams find here to come for a complete sports stage. Oliva Nova is welcoming elite football, rugby and cycling teams from all over the world since the nineties.

These are some of the teams which will be training in our facilities during the next few weeks:


  • 1. Admira Wacker, from 02/02 to 09/02
  • 2. Nastic de Tarragona, from 04/02 to 08/02
  • 3. Rusia U17, from 06/02 to 15/02
  • 4. Suiza U17, from 09/02 to 16/02
  • 5. Chengdu, from 09/02 to 02/03
  • 6. Langenthal, from 10/02 to 16/02
  • 7. Irish FA, from 16/02 to 02/03
  • 8. Wetzikon Women, from 17/02 to 23/02
  • 9. Basel Women U19 & 17, from 17/02 to 24/02
  • 10. Lucerne U21 & U18, from 25/02 to 02/03


  • 1. FC Schötz II, from 02/03 to 08/03
  • 2. SV Muttenz, from 02/03 to 09/03
  • 3. Belgium 7’s Women (rugby), from 04/03 to 08/03
  • 4. FC Steinach, from 07/03 to 11/03
  • 5. Norway National football team, from 17/03 to 22/03
  • 6. FC Meilen, from 05/03 to 09/03
  • 7. FC Entlebuch, from 09/03 to 13/03
  • 8. FC Rapperswil II, from 10/03 to 16/03
  • 9. FC Meggen, from 13/03 to 17/03
  • 10. FC Neunkirch, from 14/03 to 18/03

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