Grass Reseeding

Grass Reseeding

Grass reseeding works on the Golf course will be carried out from September 23rd to 27th to change the Bermuda grass for the Winter Ryegrass.

The transition process for the fairway grass (except greens) is as follows:

Approximately 10 days prior to the reseeding works, the Bermuda grass is weakened. Fairways will have a brown aspect. A good reseeding needs verticuts on the Fairways and a preparation of the ground that provides space for the Ryegrass seed to grow. These works will not affect the greens.

There is a period of 20 days counting from the moment of reseeding until the germination of the sprout and the first possible cutting. The cut height of the new Ryegrass areas will continue to be a little larger to assure an adequate growth. This is a normal process for the implantation of new grass.

After this period, all fairways will be in perfect play conditions.

As always, in case of natural processes, actual weather conditions are decisive for a faster or slowed down phenological evolution of the grass.

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