Improvements for the golf course Oliva Nova.

Improvements for the golf course Oliva Nova.

By the end of 2018, some quick-start projects and improvement actions to be carried out during 2019 were presented with the intention of having better facilities and improving the quality of the services offered in the Golf Club.

These are some of the projects which have been already carried out during the first months of the current year:

  • • New signage in the golf course
  • • End of the works to improve the bridges in hole 8 and hole 10.
  • • Pruning of the trees in the golf course
  • • Silica sand to refill the fairway bunkers; this work we be carried out during some more months in order to get the best playing conditions.
  • • Effective stump removal and cutting down of all declining trees in the green areas.

Our green keeper, Mr. Jaime Guaita, is in charge of carrying out these projects planned and scheduled in the improvement plan for 2019.

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