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Long Weekends 2019 Oliva Nova


Up to 10% discount

Long Weekends 2019 Las Dunas

Las Dunas

Up to 20% discount

Long Weekends 2019 Villas & Apartamentos

Villas & apartments

Up to 20% discount

Offer valid for the following dates: long weekend 1st May (from 26/04 to 04/04/2019), long weekend 15th May (from 14/05 to 18/05/2019), long weekend in October (from 10/10 to 12/10/2019), long weekend 1st November (from 30/10 top 02/11/2019) and long weekend in December (04/12 to 07/12/2019). Non-refundable rates. 100% of the total cost of your stay will be charged when the reservation is made, no cancellation option or refund of the total cost of the reservation. Limited places. Subject to availability. Not to be combined with other offers and promotions. Access to the Spa for children aged 16 or over. Non-using any of these services does not imply the change for another service or the reimbursement.

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