Our team

Sales Director

I’ve been working in the tourism business for 28 years and I am in Oliva Nova for 10 years now. However, no two days are ever the same. The many different possibilities and the continuous growth and improvements of the facilities help me interact with many tourism segments at once, grow professionally and extend my experience for the benefit of clients.

Sports Manager

Thanks to my great experience in coordinating sports teams in Oliva Nova, I consider myself as the perfect link to provide them with all the services and commodities they need. My only objective is to make them live a unique experience, while they train hard and prepare for their season.

Event Sales Manager

My great experience in coordinating MICE groups and social events has given me the opportunity to make a further step forward in Oliva Nova. Now I interact directly with agencies and, thus, I can personally know at first hand their expectations to make them come true in Oliva Nova.

Event & Wedding Planner

I make dreams come true. This is how I like to define my job. I love paying attention to every detail to turn every social event celebrated in Oliva Nova into the perfect one. Without a doubt, weddings are the events I’m most passionate about and it’s very rewarding seeing the happy faces of all the couples that trust us when they leave after the event.

Event Coordinator

I’m excited about organising and planning a perfect event working together with our clients. Choosing a suitable venue for it among the many possibilities offered in Oliva Nova and meeting the needs of each one, it's not an easy job. My personal challenge as an event coordinator for MICE groups is to go beyond their expectations.

Sports planner

I love sports and it’s very rewarding that sports teams trust Oliva Nova and use our facilities in the Sports Center for their tournaments or Sport MICE activities. My main function is coordinating and managing the stages of teams. These tasks make me feel passionate about my work in Oliva Nova.

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