Our treatments

From the expert hands of our therapists, Oliva Nova Wellness Spa offers a great variety of treatments for your skin, from facials to body.

Oxy facials treatments

Oxy facials treatments

Our cosmetic skin specialists offer highly concentrated serums and creams that are 100% pure and active. The treatments are carried out using the non-invasive Oxy-Jet technology that offers long lasting results, thanks to its action on the deeper layers of the skin.

  • Oxy Miracle Peel & Infusion (55’ / 85’)
  • Oxy Bye Bye Blemishes (55’ / 85’)
  • Oxy Snow White Radiance (55’)
  • Oxy Age Revival Stem Cell Power Fix (55’)
Peelings & body wraps

Peelings & body wraps

Body treatments that complement the daily cleansing and moisturising routines that our less exposed skin needs: it prevents the aging of the skin, naturally detoxes the epidermis, and allows a better oxygenation of the cells. It immediately provides smooth and transparent skin.

  • OceanTreatment/ Marine (55’)
  • Mediterranean Breeze (55’)
  • Chocolate Freak (55’)
  • Juicy C (55’)
Health & Wellness massages

Health & Wellness massages

  • Stress-Relieving – Relaxing (55´ / 85´)
  • SportyMassage – Sport (55´ / 85´)
  • Bye, Bye Muscle Cramp Massage – De-contract muscles (55´/ 85´)<
Worldwide massages

Worldwide massages

Massage techniques thousands of years old that have arrived from all different corners of the world and have progressed with the final aim of healing the body and to harmonise it with the mind. Enjoy an experience that will be unique and different.

  • SwedishDesign! – Swedish (55´)
  • Thai Stretching Style – Yum Yum Oil (55´)
  • AlohaSpirit – LomiLomi (55´)
  • The Gateway of India– Ayurveda (55´)
  • Beverly Hills Style – Californian (55´)
Beauty complements: manicure, pedicure & hair removal

Beauty complements: manicure, pedicure & hair removal

Our hands and feet make up a fundamental part of our image. We should look after both of them and embellish them with special rituals suchas a manicure and pedicure to combine the power of healing and the art of cosmetics, providing them with softness, comfort and colour.

Hair removal is the less glamorous part of aesthetics, but the one that is most used. Once considered exclusively female, more and more men are joining in with this practice in order to show off bodies with clean lines and without this aesthetic hair.

  • Manicure: On-the-go, Lady-like & Always Perfect
  • Pedicure: On-the-go, Beach Sandal & Always Perfect
  • Hair removal: cold and hot wax

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