Get your skin ready for spring

Get your skin ready for spring

  • 10-04-2017
  • spa

A well-cared skin means health and beauty

It’s already spring and we are eager to go out, stroll along the beach, enjoy good weather and the warms unoffered by the fantastic Mediterranean climate.
The benefits provided by the fresh air and the sun are real, but we must not forget about the importance of preparing our skin for its exposure to the sun.
Exfoliating and hydrating are the first and, the refore, the most important steps. We have to remove impurities and dead cells, so that epidermis can be renewed and tanning favoured. At Oliva Nova Wellness Spa, we have a widerange of corporal treatments which include exfoliations and wrappings, using advanced cosmetic technology by Skin Inc.
Come and ask, we will advise the treatment which fits your needs and your daily routine best.

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