Passes & season tickets

If you want to visit us sporadically we can offer you the session PASSES, 5 or 10, with these and for each session you can enjoy the Spa and fitness. You can share them with whoever you want and you have 6 months to use all of the sessions.

And if you want to incorporate the Wellness experience into your regular routine, there are PASSES available so you can access different areas of the Oliva Nova Wellness Spa. Remember that these passes can be enjoyed periodically (monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or annually) plus you may combine them in the way that suits you best.

Spa season ticket


Enjoy the spa circuit every day as many times as you want to. Relax both body and mind in the heated pool with jacuzzi and jet streams, in the sauna, Turkish bath, footbath and different showers with various temperatures and pressure, finish off by relaxing in the relax room.

Fitness season tickets


Now you don’t have an excuse for not getting fit. Come to our Fitness room every day of the week at the best price; includes two Galileo platform sessions per week. Cardiovascular exercise machines, body building and free training.

Activity season tickets


The best way to do sport with company is to join in the activities managed by our trainer. Water aerobics, GAP (gluteus, abdominals& legs), Pilates & Interval Training

Information & reservations:

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